Examination LEDs

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IsoLED-XII Examination Spot Light
IsoLED-XII Examination Spot Light for use in surgery and medical offices   Color Rendit..
IsoLED XII Examination Spot Light
Built without compromise The IsoLux XII is an examination, surgical and procedure lamp using the ..
IsoLED Plus +,  LED Headlight, IL-2410
Our head mounted IsoLED Plus + is of higher power (Typically 40K Lux at 300mm) with a variable spot ..
Its high efficiency design allows for reduced energy consumption and reduced cost of ownership (arou..
IsoLED Flex I
The IsoLED Flex I is an Exam / Diagnostic lamp ideal for use in the following environments:  ..
IsoLED Mini LED Headlight
The IsoLED Mini Portable LED Headlight is a Battery operated  Exam / Diagnostic lamp ideal for ..