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90º Fiber Optic Headlight
04-090VWR - Fiber Optic Headlight (Wolf Connector) - Ratchet headband 04-090VWS - Fiber Optic Hea..
105º Fiber Optic Headlight
We offer the 105 degree headlight with four options; 1. Either the Ratchet type headset with adju..
01-IsoLED Plus,  LED Headlight, IL-2362
Our head mounted IsoLED Plus is of higher power (up to 35KLux at 300mm) with a variable spot size of..
HeadLight 04-090VWRCB
Bifurcated fiber, good optics Focus of 10mm-110mm field of view Part number 04-090VWRCB ..
Ultra Light HeadLight, 04-090VWRCS
Ultra light, non bifurcated, fiber cable with good optics Focus from 10mm-110mm field of view ..
IsoLED Mini LED Headlight
The IsoLED Mini Portable LED Headlight is a Battery operated  Exam / Diagnostic lamp ideal for ..