Our IsoLux line of lamps and modules are offered for a range of headlight illuminators,these lamps provide high-quality lighting backed with superior value and service, as well as direct access to technical assistance.

Please view our cross-reference table if you're looking for a lamp for a specific instrument. 

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CL1567 - Replacement Lamp Assembly
For the Stryker X8000 containing a CL1495 Please see
CL1429 Luxtel 175BF Lamp & Timer
OEM Replacement Modules - w/175s Lamp & Timer (as shown) ..
CL1336 Replacement for Smith & Nephew part # 660-0024, Y1616
Smith & Nephew 300 watt without timer The CeraLux® 300BFmodule is the endoscopy OEM’s product..
IL-2218 IsoLux Lamp Module w/ 300w Lamp (07-X300)
CL1430 is Isolux's standard lamp module and 300w lamp that can be used on many other OEM xenon ..
CL1339 IsoLux Lamp Module w/175w Lamp
CL1339 is Isolux's standard lamp module replacement with a 175 w xenon lamp. Compatible with many OE..
CL1576 Replacement Lamp for Pentax EPK-i, Y1882
This CeraLux® lamp is utilized as a replacement in the  endoscope of market leading medical man..
CL1521 ..
CL1583 Replacement Lamp for ACMI- Gyrus
ACMI Gyrus C Body Size   ..
CL1582 Replacement Lamp for Da Vinci
Intuitive Da Vinci 300w ( Newer Systems) ..
CL1579 Replacement Lamp for Linvatec and Applied FiberOptics
Linvatec 300w C Body Size ..
CL1495 - Replacement lamp for Stryker X8000
Replacement Lamp for Stryker 8000 in Luxtel's Assembly CL1567 Only. Please note that this Lamp will..
CL1492  - Replacement lamp for Stryker X7000
Replacement Lamp for Stryker X7000 in LuxteL's assembly CL1571 Please note that this Lamp will not ..
CL1854 - Replacement lamp for Olympus CLV190
For use in the Olympus CLV190 Olympus part number MAJ1817 ..
CL1137 Replacement for Richard Wolf
Richard Wolf 125w Lamp B Body Size ..
CL300BF-10F Replacement Lamp for Da Vinci
da Vinci Surgical System (Older Systems) ..