A Guide for Battery Maintenance

IsoLux Battery Specifications- FAQ

Magnum Belt Mount Lithium Batteries

A guide for battery maintenance is important to keep your IsoLux system working to its fullest potential.  Below are common questions we receive including answers to get the most from your IsoLux batteries.  This is a guide for battery maintenance of IsoLux portable headlights only. 

Is there anything I should do to prepare a new Battery for use?  Yes, always be sure to apply a topping charge before use. 

Can I damage a battery with incorrect use?  Yes, always keep battery partially charged.  A low charge may turn off protection equipment.

Should I apply a full charge?  Not necessary, in fact a partial charge can be as good as a full charge.

Can I disrupt the charge cycle?  Yes, a partial charge will cause no harm to the battery.

Should I use all battery energy before re-charging?  Deep discharge wears the battery down and reduces its number of charging cycles.

Do I have to worry about battery memory?  No, you do not have to worry about the battery having a memory.

Should I remove the battery from the charger once it is fully charged?  No, this is not necessary as the battery charger will automatically shut off once battery is fully charged.

How do I store my battery?  Store in a cool place with a partial charge.

Will the battery heat up when being charged?  If there is excessive heat while charging the battery may have an issue.  Normal charging temps are cool or slightly warm.

How do I charge when it is cold.  It is not recommended to charge battery if it is below freezing.

Can I charge at hot temperatures?  Do not charge above 122 F or 50 Celcius

What should I know about chargers?  Battery must stay cool: no trickle charge when ready.

How often should I charge batteries that are stored in packs?  Charge for 10 minutes when no in use every 4 weeks.

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