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Manufacturers of Reliable, High-Quality Surgical Headlights, Exam Lights & Illumination Products

IsoLux LLC has been manufacturing a range of medical and surgical headlights, video cameras and examination lights successfully since 2003. Our roots are based on Xenon light source and optics technologies. IsoLux has recently added a new range of IsoLED surgical headlamp products to its offerings. All of IsoLux’s surgical and exam lighting products are rugged, offer great color rendition and are made in the USA at our Florida facility. Quality is paramount in our Xenon and LED design and material selection. Since IsoLux’s inception, our examination lights and headlamps have been designed for optimum medical illumination.

In each year of business, IsoLux LLC has introduced new LED products focused on improving surgical and medical illumination. Our products are designed to be durable, dependable, and comfortable within the medical environments in which they are used. IsoLux owes its success to concentrating on quality in our core technologies and offering a range of medical illumination products that exhibit our strengths.

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IsoLux Surgical Lighting Solutions

Surgical Headlights

The battery and fiber optic surgical headlamps provide infinite portability.

Xenon Surgical Light Sources

Single port and multiport Xenon Fiber Optic Illuminator consoles

Surgical Loupe HD Cameras

HD loupe cameras for data capture and remote surgical site visualization

Medical Examination Lighting

Flexible and rigid medical exam lights mobile, wall, and ceiling mount.