Isolux Magnum Surgical Headlight Battery Pack

Why Do Old Lithium-Ion Batteries Take So Long to Charge

Battery users often ask: “Why does an old Li-ion lake so long to charge?” Indeed, when Li-ion gets older, the battery takes its time to charge even if there is little to fill. We call this the “old-man syndrome.”

Isolux Magnum LED Battery Powered Surgical Headlight

The Only Surgical Headlight You Will Ever Need

Why the Magnum is the Only Surgical Headlight you will ever need1Reduced Headlight Weight2Superior LED Lighting3Aluminum Housings for Maximum Component Durability Trial the Magnum Call Now: 239-514-7475 1. Reduced WeightThe Magnum is so light its weighed in gramsThe Magnum Surgical Headlight weighs in at 290 grams. This reduction in weight reduces neck strain during prolonged …

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