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  • Isolux Magnum Surgical-Headlight with Battery Pack
    Portable LED Headlights

    Magnum LED Surgical Headlight IL-2399

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    Experience true freedom and infinite mobility with the Magnum LED Battery Powered Surgical Headlight. No longer held back by power sockets and light cables, the Magnum surgical headlamp gives total control to the surgeon, delivering artifact-free LED light to the site source.

    The Magnum Headlight System is an optimal solution for Neuro, Plastic, and Thoracic surgeons. Meticulously designed to offer reduced weight and optimal brightness and color, the Magnum system is a featherweight solution that reduces neck strain caused by heavier systems. The Magnum headlight weighs 10.5 ounces / 300 grams and the battery pack (inside a pocket or clipped on) weighs 12 ounces / 350 grams.

    The Magnum’s illuminator features:

    • Headlight assembly with pendant cable
    • Variable spot, 10-100mm diameter at 400mm/16 inches or 20-230mm diameter at 1m/39 inches
    • Flexible linkage for infinite positional control
    • Removable/sterilizable positioning joystick
    • Attached to surgeon’s choice of dual adjustable ratchet headband or soft Velcro headband