Surgical Headlight

Camera Systems

Surgical Camera Systems for surgeons and doctors: our 4K (HD) camera with headlight or clinical light delivers site illumination and image capture. 

HD Camera Systems for Surgical Headlights

Whether you need to capture video for instructional purposes or patient records, an HD camera system mounted to a surgical headlight does the job. Our HD camera capture systems for medical and surgical environments are mounted to any one of our surgical headlights. The video camera features 4K HD digital capture and is capable of recording high definition video of any surgical field.

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4K Camera with Headlight Systems deliver site illumination and image capture

The 4K camera system can be mounted to each surgical headlight system we offer. When you order a headlamp mounted camera, specify which surgical headlight you would like it secured to and our team will assemble your headgear with the camera.

The headlight camera setup can be worn by the surgeon or a scrub tech for video recording or to be fed through secondary monitor in the operating room.

Each 4K camera is open-source and can be integrated with the video integration software of your choice.

Livestream for surgical training or capture HD video for patient records.

Applications for a Surgical Camera System

  • Spine
  • Orthopedics
  • Podiatry
  • Bioskills training
  • Dental surgery
  • Veterinary surgery
  • Biomedical Engineering Services

High Definition Camera Capture

4K High Definition Digital Capture

Visual patient records for increased care

Open-source video integration

Surgical Headlight Camera Mount

What’s included:

  • Video capture software
  • Surgical headlight camera
  • Installation kit 
  • Foot pedal (for stop/start and stills capture)
  • Headlamp of your choice

Not included, but required: laptop or desktop computer

Compatible Headlight Systems

Isolux Magnum LED Surgeon Lamp Battery Powered

Magnum headlight

IsoLED Plus+ Portable Surgical LED Headlamp

IsoLED Plus+ headlight

IsoLED II headlight

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