Trial an IsoLux Surgical Headlight for 15 days!

Surgeons may evaluate IsoLED surgical headlights for up to 15 days risk free. (Product trials are available only in the US and Canada.)

Benefits of a Trial Before Buying

  • Pick the perfect headlamp system
  • Experience the IsoLux difference 
  • Return it if you don't love it


100% Risk Free

IsoLED Plus Battery Surgeon Headlight Trial System

The IsoLux Difference

Here at IsoLux, we don’t just claim to have superior surgical LED headlights; we show it by sending you a trial LED headlamp for your surgeon to use 15 days risk free. By trying one of our surgical LED headlights, the surgeon will be able to pick the correct headlamp. No guess work, just proper illumination of the medical field while ensuring comfort before you purchase a surgical headlight. We have developed many medical lighting solutions, yet always focus on high CRI light and clean, edge to edge, spot illumination.

Select the Headlight for Trial 

Isoled Mini
Isolux IsoLED Mini Ultra light Weight Surgical Headlight Trial

Simple and lightweight 

  • 22,000 Lux at 300mm
  • 100mm Focal Spot
  • Over 10 Hours of Battery Life
  • 1 oz Ultra-Lightweight
Isoled II
IsoLED II LED Surgeon Headlamp Trial

Perfect for Veterinary and Dental

  • 25,000 Lux at 300mm
  • 10 - 100mm Focal Spot
  • 6 Hour Battery Life at Maximum Intensity
  • 12 oz System Weight
Isolux Magnum LED Surgeon Lamp Trial Battery Powered

Built for surgeons who seek the best 

  • 30,000 - 75,000 Lux
  • 10 - 100mm Focal Spot
  • 3.2 hours runtime per battery at 75,000 Lux for Up To 7 Hours of runtime
  • 5000K True Color Temperature
  • Whisper Quiet Cooling Fan
  • 10 oz System Weight

We will fund the outgoing shipping, and the customer funds the return shipping costs if no purchase is made.

To receive a risk free surgical headlight trial, complete one of our evaluation forms, or call and one of our representatives will aid you. We will respond within one business day upon receiving your request to answer questions and provide vendor set-up information.