The Only Surgical Headlight You Will Ever Need

Why the Magnum is the Only Surgical Headlight you will ever need

  1. 1
    Reduced Headlight Weight
  2. 2
    Superior LED Lighting
  3. 3
    Aluminum Housings for Maximum Component Durability

1. Reduced Weight

The Magnum is so light its weighed in grams

The Magnum Surgical Headlight weighs in at 290 grams. This reduction in weight reduces neck strain during prolonged surgical procedures.

Surgical Headlight weight
Comfortable Headlight

Comfort designed for a surgeon

A lighter LED headlamp system equals fewer pressure points that can bother the surgeon. 

Batteries that increase runtime and decrease weight

Other systems place the batteries on the head strap to make a fully wireless system; however, doing so increases the weight of other systems beyond comfortable levels. In most cases headlights with batteries on the head strap weigh more than 1 pound; what a pain in the neck! 

Magnum Belt Mount Lithium Batteries
High Quality surgeon lighting

2. Superior Lighting

Not all light is created equal

Which is better, raw power or applied power? In the case of light, "brighter" does not equal quality. The Magnum headlight has designed for applied power in the operating room by providing crisp and uniform edge to edge illumination.

Technology you can see

Our edge to edge technology eliminates halo and inconsistent hot spots caused by overpowering the LED. Light inconsistencies can create an inaccurate view of the tissues within the surgical field. By using a consistent light, the Magnum enables surgeon to see clearly and provide higher quality of care. 

Surgical Spot light magnum
Robust surgical light

3. Component Durability

Proudly Built in the USA

Built in the USA because we believe in products that last.  Since our LEDs last upwards of 20 years, our development team designed the Magnum surgical headlight assembly to match the longevity of the bulbs.  

Strength in Design

Each surgical headlight system is built with aluminum casing and shock resistant components to add increased drop resistance and overall durability.  While other companies opt for cheap plastics that break easily, our team understands that providing a superior headlight housing protects your investment. 

Light weight lamp design

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